What can we do to save coral reefs?

Fabrice Dudenhofer

Conserve energy

There are many small actions you can take around the house to reduce your energy consumption – helping the planet and your bank balance!

  • Use energy saving lightbulbs
  • Wash your clothes in water 10 degrees cooler
  • Switch off lights and appliances (including TV, computers and phone chargers) when not in use
  • Adjust thermostats to conserve energy
  • Make sure your house is fully insulated and draft proof; use shades and/or curtains or insulated windows and doors to reduce heat transfer

Say no to single-use plastic!

Ditching single-use plastic is a hot topic!

Many countries around the world are banning single-use plastic bags, straws and cutlery. There are many easy, and little changes you can make to your everyday life to reduce the amount of plastic pollution entering our oceans.


Spread the word

  • Many people are unaware of how their actions impact the marine environment, especially if they live far away from the coast.
  • Unfortunately litter dropped in the street, or washed down the drains can often end up in rivers and being pushed out to sea.
  • Speaking with friends, family and colleagues, and being a role model for the public can have a huge influence, even if you’re unaware.


Become a volunteer monitor!

Participate in community coral reef monitoring programs. If you do not live near a coast, get involved in protecting your watershed.


Conserve water

The less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater eventually find their ways back into the oceans.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This helps keep trash out of the oceans and also out of landfills where it can have an adverse impact on the water quality of our rivers and oceans.


Be an informed consumer

Only buy marine fish and other reef organisms when you know they have been collected in an ecologically sound manner. Ask store managers where the organisms come from and how they were collected. Does the country have a management plan to insure the harvest was legal and sustainable over time?


Support organisations working to conserve coral reefs

There are many organisations working to conserve coral reefs, raise awareness and influence policy change, many of them you will find on our website.

Visit the International Year of the Reef website to see more tips on how to protect coral reefs, and what activities the IYOR partners and participants did to protect and persevere their reefs.