Previous Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committee on ITMEMS 6

Purpose: to organize ITMEMS (content and themes, host and venue location, timing, budget and financing)

Years: 2018-2020

ITMEMS 6 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ad Hoc Committee on the International Coral Reef Action Network

Purpose: To review the future of ICRAN and prepare option papers on the role and responsibilities of ICRAN as an ICRI operational network, and its governance.

Years: 2010-2011


Ad Hoc Committee on the “Call to Action”

Purpose: To work on a up-to-date call to action to consider new global issues and threats to coral reefs and related ecosystems, the advancements and continuing challenges in science and management (Resolution on the “Call to Action”, 2010)

Years: 2010-2011


  • AHC report (GM26)
  • Work to be continued by the ICRI secretariat under the Australia-Belize hosting

Ad Hoc committee on ITMEMS 4

Purpose: to organize ITMEMS (content and themes, host and venue location, timing, budget and financing)

Years: 2009-2011

Product: organization of ITMEMS 4

Ad Hoc Committee on Pacific Day

Purpose: In an effort to improve regional cooperation and enhance the regional focus of ICRI’s work, to organize a “Pacific Day” at the GM 25.

Year: 2010


Ad Hoc Committee on Coral Disease

Purpose: to promote the existing mechanisms, to research and learn more on coral diseases (Resolution on Coral Disease, 2009)

Years: 2009-2011


Ad Hoc committee on the East Asia Regional Workshop

Purpose: preparation, organization, and follow-ups for the workshop in 2008, and preparation for the workshop in 2009.

Years: 2007-2009


  • Updated Terms of Reference (GM23)
  • Terms of Reference (GM22)
  • 2008 East Asia regional workshop (Tokyo, Japan)
  • ICRI East Asia Regional Strategy on MPA Networks 2010

Ad Hoc committee on International Year of the Reef (IYOR)

Purpose: To coordinate and support the planning efforts and events leading up to and during the 2008 IYOR 2008.


Previous Ad Hoc Committees (also known as “working group”) were on:

Marine Protected Areas – To address the issue of MPA within the context of ICRI.

ICRI Operational Networks – to clarify the working relationship between ICRI Networks, Secretariat and members; the role of the ICRI Secretariat in the operation or guidance of networks; and the process for designation and endorsement of networks.

The Cold Water Corals – to assess ICRI’s potential role in the international collaboration on cold-water coral reefs, identify ICRI’s potential in the protection and sustainable management of cold-water coral reefs, the implications for ICRI’s current work and what implementation modalities, if any, might be needed.

Guidance on Fiber Optic Cables – to develop guidance on Fiber Optic Cables (Decision adopted in 2001)

The guidance was never developed

Guidance on IMO No-anchoring Areas – to develop guidance on IMO no-anchoring area (Decision adopted in 2001)

The guidance was never developed

ICRI Scorecard – to develop a scorecard (evaluation & reporting tool) assessing ICRI’s effectiveness and its members’ progress against ICRI goals and objectives as delineated in its “Call to Action”.

Years: 2001-2004


ICRI Procedures – To discuss and recommend meeting procedures that might assist ICRI with enhancing the efficiency of its future meetings.

International Trade – to address international trade issues and encourage partners to become active in issues before the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES)

Years: 1999-2011