Our Networks

ICRI’s Operational Networks are its implementing arms. They provide a mechanism to act on-ground to progress the objectives on ICRI. ICRI Networks are defined by Article 6 of ICRI’s Organization and management procedures:

  • 6.1 ICRI may implement aspects of the Framework for Action and the Renewed Call to Action through operational networks.
  • 6.2 ICRI may provide general guidance and recommendations to such operational networks.
  • 6.3 Recognition as an ICRI network shall be done by decision during an ICRI General Meeting.
  • 6.4 Operational networks are encouraged to include a representative of the Host Secretariat or their designee on the governing boards of operational networks.
  • 6.5 Each network will submit an annual report on its activities to the General Meeting. The report should review the previous year’s activity and preview future activity.


To date, ICRI has one active network:


The Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN)

GCRMN works through a global network of stakeholders, coordinated by regional ‘nodes’ for the management and conservation of coral reefs. The GCRMN currently focuses on the following major objectives:

  1. To strengthen scientific understanding of the status and trends of coral reef ecosystems at different places around the world
  2. To strengthen communication among GCRMN members and provide information on network activities, identify opportunities to participate in regional and global reporting, share information on relevant meetings and involve GCRMN members in future monitoring (including the integration of biophysical monitoring with social, economic and environmental data), and assist Network members by the networking of technical assistance, problem-solving, participation in projects and to assist in seeking financial support
  3. To make coral reef monitoring data publicly available online in a timely fashion.
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Previous Networks

The International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN)

ICRAN was established in 2000 with a historic grant from the United Nations Foundation (UNF). Formed in response to ICRI’s Call to Action, ICRAN supported the implementation of ICRI’s Framework for Action. ICRAN was an innovative and dynamic network of many of the world’s leading coral reef science and conservation organisations. The network consolidated technical and scientific expertise in reef monitoring and management to create strategically linked actions across local, national and global scales. ICRAN was thus the first alliance to respond to conservation needs at the global scale by recognising both traditional and scientific perspectives of coral reef dynamics and respective social dependency. It sought to put mechanisms in place that support the translation of findings into direct on-ground action throughout the world’s major coral reef regions. ICRAN has been working to build resource stewardship within communities by providing opportunities to develop the skills and tools needed to ensure the sustainable use, and the long-term vitality of coral reefs. Actions included alternative livelihoods, training, capacity-building, and the exchange and application of traditional knowledge as well as scientific, economic and social information. ICRAN recognised the traditional, scientific and social aspects of coral reef management and conservation, and sought to develop innovative and inclusive actions that respond to the global challenge and that build local capacity for sustained marine and coastal resource management. At ICRI’s 26th General Meeting, ICRI members adopted a resolution to suspend ICRAN (view resolution).

The International Coral Reef Information Network (ICRIN) was created in 2001 on the premise that public awareness is an essential element of coral reef conservation needed to ensure that the value of coral reefs and the threats to reefs are understood, and that sufficient resources are devoted to sustainable conservation of coral reefs (see resolution on the International coral Reef Information Network). ICRIN’s principal objective was to carry the messages of ICRI to audiences throughout the world; it was originally coordinated by the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL). The ICRI membership decided to suspend ICRIN; however, ICRI’s awareness and outreach activities have continued in different forms, particularly through the declaration of International Years of the Reef (IYOR). Following IYOR 2008, ICRI members adopted a recommendation on continuing coral reef awareness efforts.