About Coral Reefs

Fabrice Dudenhofer

What are corals?

Read about coral biology, and learn what a coral reef actually is.

Benefits of coral reefs

What are the benefits of coral reefs and why should we all be working hard to protect them?

Status of and threats to coral reefs

What is the current status of coral reefs worldwide and what are the main threats to coral reefs, and what is causing them?

What can we do to save coral reefs?

There are many everyday activities that people can do to help conserve and preserve coral reefs, whether you live near the shore or not.

Coral ecosystems of cold, deep waters

Although the main focus of ICRI work is around Tropical coral reefs, it does not mean that deep water and cold water coral reefs aren’t important.

Coral reefs & Associated Ecosystems (Seagrass and Mangroves)

Although mangrove, seagrass and coral reefs are ecosystems that can thrive in isolation, in regions where they occur together, the success of one ecosystem is directly linked to the success of the others.