The Secretariat

The ICRI Secretariat is hosted by ICRI Members on a voluntary basis. Since 2004, the Secretariat has been co-chaired by a developed and a developing country. The ICRI Secretariat organises its work through a Plan of Action that is approved by ICRI’s members. In order to implement actions under this plan, the Secretariat is composed of a core team that support ICRI’s chairs. The Host Secretariat may delegate some or all of its functions to a Designated Administrative Representative (DAR).

ICRI is currently chaired by the United States of America.

The Secretariat Staff

Francis Staub

Francis is currently acting as the ICRI Global Coordinator and has worked as part of the ICRI Secretariat for over 15 years

Tom Dallison

Tom supports the actions of ICRI members and the Secretariat in the implementation of the Plan of Action

Margaux Monfared

Margaux facilitates the implementation ICRI’s Plan of Action, supporting the Secretariat and members, including ICRI’s ad hoc committees and networks.

Administration of the Secretariat

The ICRI Secretariat is currently being hosted by Blue Pangolin Consulting acting as the Designated Administrative Representative (DAR). The main responsibilities include:

  • Developing a draft Plan of Action for implementation during its hosting term.
  • Carrying out the financial stewardship of the ICRI Secretariat
  • Managing membership
  • Convening and organising General Meetings
  • Receiving and answering correspondence on behalf of the Initiative
  • Maintaining and updating web-based media, including the ICRIForum website as well as ICRI social media
  • Promoting ICRI and its work, including by providing comment on relevant international texts and at international fora and conferences where side events may be organised subject to budgetary circumstances
  • Identifying and liaising with successor state(s) to take on Host Secretariat responsibilities.

The ICRI Secretariat is supported by voluntary financial contributions from: