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Although the nature of exchanges within the ICRI platform is informal, ICRI has adopted some light membership rules, defined at Article 1 of its Organization and Management Procedures.

If you are eligible to become an ICRI member and committed to pursuing ICRI’s objectives (particularly by supporting activities that contribute to the implementation of the ICRI Continuing Call to Action 2013 and Framework for Action 2013), here are simple steps to help you lodge your membership request:

Step 1: Write a letter addressed to the ICRI Secretariat. The letter should detail the rationale for your organisation’s membership application and provide a statement of its support to the objectives of ICRI

Step 2: Have the letter signed by your organisation’s highest administration position. For government departments or agencies, the letter should be signed by the line Minister.

Step 3: Scan the signed letter and send it by email to the ICRI Secretariat. The ICRI Secretariat will acknowledge receipt of your request and convey it as an agenda item to its members at their next General Meeting.

Step 4: Support your membership request by either attending or presenting via proxy on your organisation at ICRI’s General Meeting.

The ICRI membership will take a decision on whether or not to accept each membership application during the General Meeting. If your membership request is successful, you will be notified immediately and asked to provide information, including the name of two focal points who will receive all ICRI correspondence.

Please be aware that becoming an ICRI member comes with some obligations. These include:

  • Attending at least one General Meeting for every term of a Host Secretariat (usually 2 years)
  • Confirming and updating your membership details, including focal points’ names and contact details at the beginning of each hosting period.
  • Providing up-to-date written reports of ongoing activities (known as ‘Members’ Reports’) in support of the Initiative and provide it to the Secretariat before each General Meeting.

Memberships can be suspended if members show little commitment and/or are disruptive to the ICRI membership.

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