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Monday 8th, November 2010 – Morning
  Official opening / Welcoming Remarks
  Presentation and Adoption of agenda
  Welcome new Members & Observers
  Report from ICRI Members

  • Conservation International
  • Coral Reef Initiatives for the Pacific (CRISP)
  Session on “UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme”
  Session on RAMSAR in the Pacific
Monday 8th, November 2010 – Afternoon
  The afternoon will be “free” to allow side meetings
Tuesday 9th, November 2010 – Pacific Day
  Theme: Our Corals, our Pacific Livelihoods

  • Regional threats to coral reefs
  • Climate change and coral reefs: impacts on small island states
  • Traditional knowledge in the management and conservation of marine resources
  Reception – The Government of Samoa will host a reception at the Faleata Golf Course, from 6.30pm-8.30pm for all participants and some local dignitaries.
Wednesday 10th, November 2010

A field trip is planned to visit the Aleipata Marine Protected Area (MPA), that was affected by the tsunami to see first hand the different stages of coral life post-tsunami. The visit to these sites is developed in conjunction and in close collaboration with the communities, being the caretakers of these areas.

Lunch will be served at Litia Beach Fales, Lalomanu after the marine excursion. Participants who are interested to participate and dive or swim in the ocean are requested to bring snorkeling and such appropriate gear for this field trip.

Thursday 11th, November 2010
  Report on ICRI secretariat recent and on-going activities and action on items from January 2010 General Meeting

  • Implementation of the plan of action
  • Actions arising from the last General Meeting
  • Report of the ICRI Ad Hoc Committees
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Coral Disease
    • Ad Hoc Committee on the Fourth International Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management Symposium (ITMEMS)
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Economic Valuation of Coral Reef Ecosystems
    • Ad Hoc Committee on Enforcement & Investigation
  • Other ICRI secretariat activities
    • “ICRI East Asia Regional strategy on MPA Networks
    • GLOBE Action Plan for Coral Reefs
  • ICRI networks
    • Internatioal Coral Reef Action Netwrok
    • Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
  Session on accidental releases of pollutants

  • Pacific Ocean Pollution Prevention Programme (PACPOL)
  • Australia
  • US
Friday 12th, November 2010
  Fisheries session
  Consideration of motions
  Discussion regarding recent & upcoming relevant international meetings

  • 10th Meeting of the COP to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
  • United Nations Climate Change Conference Cancun – COP 16 & CMP 6
  • Other events
  Wrap-up discussions from previous days / Other Business
  Next ICRI General Meeting

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