ICRI 2023 Impact Report


Release Year 2023

ICRI is pleased to announce the release of its 2023 Impact Report! Throughout 2023, ICRI undertook significant steps to address the challenges facing coral reefs globally, most notably hosting the Initiative’s 37th General Meeting, under the chairmanship of the United States of America – marking the first face-to-face General Meeting since 2019. During this meeting, ICRI welcomed 6 new members, increasing its membership to 101 which includes 45 countries, representing over 75% of the World’s coral reefs.

2023 also saw the launch of the Coral Reef Breakthrough, a global vision #ForCoral, which aims to secure the future of these vital ecosystems and the highly valuable contributions they provide to people. The Breakthrough is grounded by science-based, measurable, and achievable goals for state and non-state actors to collectively conserve, protect, and restore coral reefs.

This Impact Report serves as an overview of the main accomplishments of ICRI’s collaborative efforts in 2023 as well as the commitment and dedication of its members, partners and supporters, all of whom have been instrumental in achieving positive outcomes and safeguarding coral reefs and their associated ecosystems.