Summary of GLISPA Helping Islands Adapt Workshop Auckland, New Zealand 11-16 April 2010.


Release Year 2010

Related Key Topics Alien Invasive Species

This workshop was designed to help strengthen and mobilize capacity on islands across the globe to address the threats posed by invasive species. It was also intended to help garner more widespread donor and political support for these efforts, as well as to place invasive species management squarely at the centre of the broader international discourse on biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation. Eighty-two participants from 24 countries and territories, and 29 national, regional and international organizations attended the workshop, which focused on four major island regions—the Caribbean, the Coral Triangle, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, as well as groups representing global organizations and initiatives and a group for networking and support of the Workshop’s activities. Some of which included: TNC, United Nations, IUCN, RSPB, GISP, CBD, regional representatives from CABI, USA support agencies (US Fish & Wildlife, US State Department), and practitioners involve with invasive species issues and concerns. Dr. Spencer Thomas from Grenada Chaired the sessions, and the host agency the Department of Conservation in New Zealand facilitated the week of activities.