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16th ICRI General Meeting

Saturday , July 03, 2004 - Sunday , July 04, 2004



Organized Under The U.K. and Seychelles Secretariat

The second general meeting of the UK/Seychelles secretariat was held on 3rd to 4th July 2004 in Okinawa, Japan. The meeting was co-chaired by Rolph Payet of the Seychelles and Robert Canning of the UK.

The meeting was productive and fostered greater ownership and purpose among the coral reef community, including a better sense of how the ICRI partnership can function as an advocate and an informal international co-ordinator. In brief, links with the CBD were strengthened; the focus of ICRI working groups was improved; positive outcomes on trade in coral reefs were reached, and cold-water corals are now included in the remit of ICRI. The ICRI membership increased with the joining of Norway and Palau and agreement was reached on Japan and Palau to host the next ICRI secretariat. Along with scorecards to mainstream coral reef issues and an embryonic communication/delivery strategy, the tools exist for ICRI to chart a more purposeful course.

The summary record is available here (PDF file).