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73rd Annual Gulf And Caribbean Fisheries Institute Virtual Meeting

Monday , November 02, 2020 - Friday , November 06, 2020

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GCFI is pleased to announce that the 73rd annual meeting of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI73) is being run in a significantly abbreviated form as an entirely virtual event. GCFI73 will be a mix of science and fun activities comprised of an e-poster session, invited talks, workshops, a Speed Science Student Competition, a GCFI Story Slam, and the CINEFISH Film Festival. It is the intention of GCFI to provide the current state of the science while also infusing entertaining elements into the event. Please visit the GCFI Website for further details.

Conference Theme

The theme of this year’s meeting is GCFI73: Stories from the field

The focus of GCFI73 will be on highlighting diverse stories that stimulate more effective communication among stakeholders to benefit people and ecosystems. The focus will be on highlighting approaches that lead to successful outcomes such as those that:

  • Identify best practices for effective conservation and sustainable use of Gulf and Caribbean resources
  • Strengthen alliances between science and beyond by conveying innovative cooperative relationships that support the implementation of ocean-related solutions
  • Promote transboundary, and national initiatives, transdisciplinary networks and research partnerships
E-Poster session

At GCFI73 dynamic electronic posters (e-posters) will be showcased in a session to be held over multiple days. E-posters will be available to view at any time between 2 and 6 November 2020. Each presenter will also be issued specific time slots to answer questions and connect with the audience. E-posters specification guidelines will be available soon on the GCFI website.

The e-poster session will have five main themes:

  • Small scale fisheries success stories
  • Gender in fisheries
  • Recreational fisheries case studies (EDF)
  • Innovation in science and governance
  • The use of social media and other digital approaches for communicating science and governance in fisheries

E-posters will also be accepted on other traditional GCFI topics, such as fisheries, governance, fish spawning aggregations, invasive species, invertebrates, marine protected areas, tropical marine habitats and ecosystems, climate change, sargassum, marine litter, aquaculture, governance, social science, and communication. Full details of all topics will be available on the GCFI website.

Submitting abstracts for the e-poster session

Abstracts for GCFI73 are due by 1 October 2020 and abstracts will be accepted in English, French, and Spanish. Abstracts are only required in one of the three languages. ALL ABSTRACTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY ENGLISH, SPANISH, AND FRENCH TITLES. Abstracts must not exceed 250 words (275 for Spanish and French). Abstracts and e-posters must be submitted online via the designated conference website and these will be included in the Proceedings of GCFI73. All submitted abstracts that fit within the theme of GCFI will be accepted for the 2020 e-poster session. The Book of Abstracts will be available online in PDF format.

The GCFI Story Slam – Stories from the field

This year, the GCFI Conference will initiate a virtual story slam focused on compelling stories from the field. We encourage the submission of 5-minute contributions that will be performed live online in a story-telling format. There is no restriction on the topic of the story except that it cannot be only a scientific presentation unless it relates to some entertaining experience you may have had. Some examples of story topics are experiences from fieldwork, unexpected interactions with a person or animal, a mentor who influenced you, or any other memorable experiences. Details for participation are available on the GCFI Website. Submissions close 18 October 2020.

GCFI Speed Science Student Competition

GCFI will introduce a Speed Science Student (SSS) competition that encourages students to combine their research and science communication skills. Using a single, static slide, students will aim to effectively present their work in 3 minutes in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. This competition is inspired by the Three Minute Thesis Competition but is not limited to doctoral students or those preparing a thesis. Further details on eligibility, rules and prizes are available on the GCFI Website. Submissions close 18 October 2020.


The CINEFISH Film Festival is going virtual this year! We are looking for short films (<30 minutes) related to fisheries, sustainability, marine conservation, or science. If you are interested in submitting a film please send the following information to [email protected]: Film title; Brief description of the film (2-3 sentences); Film type; Filmmakers(s); Length of the film; Link to the film (YouTube or Vimeo); and, Photo from the film (to be used for promotion). Submissions close 18 October 2020.

Special Session

Recreational fisheries management in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean: Recent discoveries, current challenges, and future opportunities

Organizer: Environmental Defense Fund and Gulf Caribbean Fisheries Institute

Conveners: Sepp Haukebo ([email protected]) & Eduardo Boné-Morón ([email protected])

Description: Participation in marine recreational fishing is growing around the world. Several recent publications highlight the need for greater understanding of the opportunities and issues related to this growth, calling for commitments from institutions to better integrate the recreational component into broader fisheries management, conservation efforts and initiatives to strengthen coastal communities and livelihoods. This session consists of multiple sessions and further details are available on the GCFI Website.

  • Panel 1 – Recreational fisheries management in the last decade – lessons learned, current efforts and challenges
  • Panel 2 – Needs and opportunities for greater regional collaboration
  • Workshop – Next steps to advance sustainable recreational fisheries in the region
  • E-Poster session – Case studies recreational fisheries in the region

The objective of this session is threefold:

  1. To share recent lessons learned regarding recreational fisheries management, including effective management practices, data collection, and incorporating recreational voices into the participatory process;
  2. To understand current needs and challenges of managers, fishers, scientists, NGOs and decision-makers in specific countries around the region; and
  3. To outline opportunities for the GCFI network and the broader community to address the greatest needs and challenges.

Gladding Memorial Award

Traditionally, the GCFI Gladding Memorial Award (GMA) is presented to a fisher each year who demonstrates significant commitment to the sustainable use and long-term conservation of marine resources in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean region. However, this year, no Gladding Memorial Award will be awarded; instead, we will showcase the past winners via social media, our website, and these stories will be incorporated into the annual proceedings.


GCFI will also be hosting a membership meeting where members get to hear about and provide input to the workings of GCFI including the election of new directors and chairpersons.

REGISTRATION The registration for GCFI73 will be FREE to all registered attendees and includes participation in special and thematic sessions, e-poster session, the GCFI Story Slam, the CINEFISH film festival and other informal events. To participate, registration is necessary and can be completed online.