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9th World Sponge Conference

Fremantle, Western Australia
Monday , November 04, 2013 - Friday , November 08, 2013

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Location Fremantle, Western Australia

The ongoing discovery of new and highly diverse sponges in Western Australia, combined with recent advances in molecular technologies,sets the stage for the conference theme of ‘New Frontiers in Sponge Science‘ at the Ninth World Sponge Conference in Fremantle, Western Australia from 4 – 8th November 2013.

The key mission of this conference is to highlight this diversity and inspire research within these habitats, thus providing a perfect backdrop for the international gathering of hundreds of scientists with disciplines spanning ecology, evolution, microbiology, marine natural products chemistry, taxonomy, genetics and molecular biology.

Attendance at this meeting will provide an invaluable opportunity to both access and showcase the advances and frontiers in research currently being attained in sponge and benthic science. This will stimulate research interest from marine scientists around the globe, and reach beyond sponge science.

Importantly, this conference aims to bring together industry with scientists so the benefits of sponge science can be taken up by the resource, policy and environmental sectors.