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From ecosystem services valuation to action: informing decision making in the Caribbean

Tuesday , September 16, 2014 - Thursday , September 18, 2014


Under the auspices of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI), a workshop on “The Implementation and Effective Communication of Ecosystem Services Valuation Studies in the Caribbean” was held in Bonaire, on 16-18 September 2014. Counting with more than 30 participants from more than 12 countries of the wider Caribbean, the workshop aimed at environmental resource management professionals and dealt with the economics of coastal ecosystems and biodiversity, with a focus on influencing policy decisions.

The primary objective was to provide tools and knowledge for participants to implement the results of the socio-economic valuation studies of their ecosystem services and biodiversity, which respond to their local environmental policy issues (e.g. costs/benefits of sustainable tourism development, climate adaptation options such as extension of MPA spatial planning). In addition, communication strategies were also discussed, so as to ensure that the outputs of the valuation studies are effectively deployed.

The Netherlands, IDB (Inter-american Development Bank), ICRI and UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program on Coral Reefs) provided start-up funding for the workshop. More information.