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ICRI Side Event at the Global Eco Conference 2018

Thursday , November 29, 2018

Amanda Brigdale
[email protected]
Organized Under The Monaco, Australia and Indonesia Secretariat

Following the Global Eco Conference, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will host an ICRI workshop on sustainable tourism development and presentation of World Heritage values for coral reefs. The event, titled ‘Presenting for Protection: Eliciting behaviour change in visitors to World Heritage areas’, aims to share best-practice tourism management and to build capacity around guiding in World Heritage areas. During the side event, expert speakers will present on World Heritage values and best practice tourism management.

The themes of the side event include:

  • The nature of nature: Tourism in natural World Heritage areas
  • A Matter of Facts: information gathering, science communication, global networks
  • Tools to support ‘Presenting for Protection’

If you are an ICRI member that is attending the Global Eco Conference you are invited to register to attend the ICRI side event free of charge. Places are limited so please contact [email protected] if you would like to register your interest in attending or if you need any further information.

Global Eco Conference

The Global Eco Conference (26-28 November, 2018) is the premier event of Ecotourism Australia, gathering the world’s leading ecotourism operators, protected area managers and tourism professionals. Host Partner of the event is the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Increasingly Global Eco is at the hub of partnerships between protected area managers and the tourism industry – across infrastructure and investment, quality, conservation and land management. Global Eco Asia-Pacific is a business-to-business and business-to-government event focused on practical and applied ecotourism. It is a clearing house of ideas, innovation and best practice.

The conference theme, ‘Ecotourism – It’s time’, focuses on the evolving role of ecotourism in a challenging world.

  • It’s time to bring the benefits of ecotourism to communities;
  • It’s time to recognise the business benefits of ecotourism;
  • It’s time to embrace ecotourism for the conservation of natural and cultural heritage; and
  • It’s time to celebrate the existing and emerging leaders in ecotourism.

This year, Global Eco Asia-Pacific will bring together the key players that can evolve this critical sector of the tourism industry – the operators, protected area managers, destination developers, applied researchers and destination marketers.

For more information:

Registration: (developing Countries receive a 40% discount on registration costs).

Global Eco Conference