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ICRI Side Event – Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, Nagoya, Japan

Wednesday , October 20, 2010

Francis Staub
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Coral reefs: the importance of regional cooperation

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

16:30 – 18:00 / Room 234A – Bldg 2 – 3rd Floor

This event was co-organized by the ICRI secretariat and the government of Japan (Ministry of Environment). A short coverage of the event is available at:

1. Welcoming remarks by the government of Japan
Mr. Tsunao Watanabe, Deputy Director-General, Ministry of the Environment

2. The International Coral Reef Initiative
Ambassador Thébault, Ambassador for the Environment, France
CEO, Ministry of Natural Resources, and Environment, Samoa

3. Few facts about the importance of coral reefs (presentation, PDF File)
Dr. Vo Si Tuan, Vice Director, Institute of Oceanography, Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology

4. ICRI Regional activities to improve the management of coral reefs

4.1 ICRI East Asia Initiative on MPA networks (presentation, PDF File)
Mr. Yoshihiro Natori, Senior Visiting Fellow, United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies

ICRI East Asia regional strategy on MPA Networks, June 2010:

4.2 ICRI Caribbean strategy against the Lionfish
Christine Dawson, Director, Office of Ecology and Conservation, US Department of State

4.3 The Coral Reef Initiatives for the Pacific, CRISP (presentation, PDF File)
Julien Calas, FFEM

5. Questions/Discussions


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