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Mangrove Research & Conservation- webinar

Thursday , December 03, 2020

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As part of the ANGARI Foundations Ocean Expert Exchange, Agnessa Lundy will share her research on mangroves, including extensive involvement with conservation programs, throughout The Bahamas.

Agnessa Lundy is a Senior Environmental Scientist at BRON Limited in Nassau, Bahamas where she works with the Environmental Department in a multifaceted role ranging from client communications and project management to data collection and survey design, to developing mitigation programmes for Environmental Impacts Assessments and Environmental Management Plans. Agnessa has survey experience in coral, seagrass, and mangrove ecosystems throughout The Bahamas and over a decade of restoration experience in coral reefs and mangroves. She is also experienced in fundraising, strategic planning, and community engagement. Agnessa earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and minors in Biology and Agriculture from the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo and is completing her Masters by Research in Conservation Biology from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Ocean Expert Exchange is a live educational webinar series featuring experts in marine science and technology, many of whom have participated in expeditions onboard R/V ANGARI. The series is co-hosted by ANGARI Foundation and the University of Florida Thompson Earth Systems Institute’s Scientist in Every Florida School program.