France and Madagascar: incoming hosts of the ICRI Secretariat 2016-2018

On 1 June 2016, the ICRI Secretariat will be changing hosts, with its reins being passed from Japan and Thailand to France and Madagascar! The Government of France has hosted ICRI twice in the past (1999-2000; 2009-2011) and will become the first Government to host ICRI for a third time. Last year, France celebrated the 15th anniversary of its national Coral Reef Initiative (IFRECOR), and we are excited to see this enthusiasm and leadership translating again onto the wider ICRI stage. Madagascar is situated in the western rim of the Indian Ocean, and its southwestern coast is home to the third largest coral reef system in the world. Madagascar has been involved with ICRI over the years and will be joining the secretariat team for the first time.

The new ICRI Secretariat will continue to implement the “ICRI Continuing Call to Action” and the “ICRI Framework for Action 2013”. More information on their Plan of Action for 2016-2018 will be coming up soon!

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