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Guidelines to translate the IYOR 2018 Logo

The ICRI secretariat encourages the translation of the IYOR 2008 if needed. The upper part must be kept as it is (IYOR 2018), but the text underneath (e.g. “International Year of the Reef”) can be translated.

The original font is ” Friz Quadrata Regular “. In case this font is not available, we recommend to use some neutral-looking, non-characteristic font, maybe some gothic type. A similar font is “Trajan Pro Bold”

The font colors are:

  • For the 2-colored logo (white background): CMYK 100-80-10-10
  • For the blue background logo: CMYK 60-0-15-0

Horizontal distance (tracking) and horizontal skaling should be modified to match the original, this will be different for different language versions and fonts.

To match the size of the letters in the original eps-file first select the font and then set the font size and distance between letters to match the original text accordingly. We recommend to convert text to paths, once the correct size has been set.

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