ICRI East Asia Initiative on MPA networks (2008-2010) Final workshop

The 6th ICRI East Asia Regional Workshop will be co-hosted by the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR), Thailand and the Ministry of the Environment (MoE), Japan in collaboration with the ICRI Secretariat. This will be the final ICRI regional workshop to be held as part of the three years program focusing on MPA networks and East Asia region since 2008, and it is expected that the “ICRI East Asia Regional Strategy on MPA Networks” as well as several other ongoing associated activities will be finalized and/or to be reviewed for finalization.

The tentative objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Discuss on the appropriate regional mechanism for collaboration and determine the way forward;
  • Share lessons learned on the sustainable use practices, MPAs and other management strategies addressing coral reefs and related ecosystems as one of the major themes in East Asia region, and extract key recommendations;
  • Finalize the “ICRI East Asia Regional Strategy on MPA Networks” by reflecting above outputs for adoption; and
  • Review the progress of implementation on the “Provisional Plan 2009-2010” and the achievements of the three years’ program.

Time and Location

  • Date: Saturday 26th to Monday 28th June 2010
  • Location: The Metropole Hotel Phuket, Phuket, Thailand

The workshop has been arranged to be held back to back with the 2nd Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium (20th – 24th June 2010, Phuket, Thailand). For any inquiries about the workshop, please contact Kohei Hibino or visit

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