ICRI now on Facebook and Twitter!

The need for ICRI to better utilise social media has been discussed at recent ICRI General Meetings. This is consistent with the current Secretariat’s hosting objective: “to explore new social media technologies for promoting the ICRI message.” We have been working hard in the last couple of months to make this happen, and we are happy to announce that ICRI now has a Facebook page (social networking site) as well as its existing Twitter page (microblogging site).

Please check them out and either ‘Like’ (Facebook) or ‘Follow’ (Twitter) us!

We will post updates on General Meetings preparations, our ICRI Grants Program (to be launched later this month) and other ICRI-related matters, such as activities from ICRI Operational networks or Ad Hoc Committees. Our ICRIforum website remains our principal outreach mechanism and we intend to use Facebook and Twitter to support the ICRIforum.

Please permit us to add a word of caution here. Neither our Facebook Page or Twitter is intended as a platform for political or lobbying activities, and we ask that you do not use them as such or make repetitive postings on the same issue or make unreasonable demands or posts. We reserve the right to remove any posts and/or block any users that breach our terms of use. If you have a concern please contact us at [email protected].

In the meantime, happy networking and we look forward to hearing from you via our social media!

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