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MSC Foundation



Marina Anselme
Secretary General

David Smith
Chief Scientific Advisor and Advisory Board Member

Owen O’Shea
Marine Programme & Research Manager

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The non-profit MSC Foundation implements the MSC Group’s marine conservation, humanitarian and sustainable development commitments worldwide, utilising MSC’s global reach and unique knowledge of the sea to protect and nurture our blue planet, its peoples and our shared cultural heritage.

Concentrating on four areas – the Environment, Community Support, Education and Emergency Relief – the Foundation promotes the protection and sustainable management of ecosystems, empowers vulnerable communities around the world to realize their full potential, supports equitable and inclusive quality education to foster enduring individual and collective development, and helps disaster-struck populations toward recovery.

The Foundation works to achieve this both independently and with dedicated partners: independently, by leveraging MSC Group engagement in designing and managing projects, connecting communities, raising awareness and mobilising the financial support of thousands of people, and together with trusted partners selected for their strong innovative vision or track record for effective action.

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MSC Foundation
Background Information

MSC Foundation Vision

To restore the critical balance between people and nature within a generation

MSC Foundation Mission

To utilise MSC’s global reach and unique knowledge of the sea to take immediate action that contributes to protecting and nurturing the blue planet and all its people

The MSC Foundation is motivated by a deep sense of responsibility for the planet and its resources, particularly the oceans, conscious that we all have a duty to leave a better world for future generations.

Last Updated: 21 June 2024