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South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (SACEP)



Ms Rokeya Khaton
Director General
South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme
[email protected]

Priyanka Alexander
Programme Officer (
South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme
[email protected]

SACEP is an inter-governmental organization, established in 1982 by the governments of South Asia to promote and support protection, management and enhancement of the environment in the region.

SACEP member countries are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

SACEP also acts as the Secretariat for the South Asian Seas Programme, which comes under the perview of UNEP’s Regional Seas Programme.

The South Asia Coral Reef Task Force (SACRTF) was establishment to promote transboundary cooperation and coordinated responses to coastal management challengesand. SACRTF was endorsed by the country Governments of the 5 maritime nations of South Asia, at the SACEP 10th Governing Council (GC) Meeting in 2007 and further ratified by the 11th GC and 4th Inter Ministerial Meeting (IMM) of South Asian Seas Programme in 2008 in Jaipur India.

The Composition of SACRTF is:

  • Government Representatives -12
  • National Coral Reef Experts -5
  • National CRTF Rep -5
  • International NGO (UNEP)
  • Member/ Secretary- SACEP
  • Patron – Justice C.G Weeramantry

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Last Updated: 1 February 2024