New ICRI Secretariat: June 2009 – June 2011

Ambassador Bili (right) at the hand-over ceremony, with Ernesto Enkerlin (Left)

Beginning July 1st 2009 and until June 30, 2011, the International Coral Reef Intiatiave Secretariat will be co-chaired by the governments of France, assisted by Monaco, and Samoa.

France and Monaco, to do so, nominated respectively, the Ambassador for the Environment, Laurent Stefanini and Patrick Van Klaveren, Minister Counsellor.

The website remains the same:, and the email for the secretariat is [email protected].

The next General Meeting will be held in Monaco from 12 – 15 January 2010. A session on coral reef fisheries as well as a full day on the Caribbean region will occur during this meeting.

On September 15th information about the full composition of the secretariat and about the general information for the ICRI GM in Monaco (accommodations travel…) will be posted. The closest airport for Monaco is “Nice Côte d’Azur (NCE)”. The first draft agenda will be posted around November 1st, 2009.

The incoming secretariat congratulates the United States and Mexico for their work related to coral reef conservation and the accomplishments during their term.

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