New online training course for reef managers now available

The course incorporates the new science, lessons learned, case studies, and practices that have been included in the on-line Reef Resilience toolkit and is designed to accelerate the knowledge and facilitate access to essential information and tools needed to incorporate resilience principles into management strategies.

While the focus of this course is on the problem of coral bleaching and actions that managers can take to address this problem, specifically in the context of Marine Protected Areas, the recommendations and tools can be applied to most threats that coral reefs face today. The program includes key aspects such as:

  • An introduction to mass coral bleaching and the ecological and social impacts

  • Description of the four main principles of resilience and how to identify factors of resilience

  • Recommendations on the design and management of resilient MPAs

This course is free and open to anyone interested in learning about Reef Resilience.

If you’d like more information about Reef Resilience and/or the online course please email [email protected]

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