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Ocean Decade toolkits for communication & awareness on coral reefs

Gabriel Barathieu | Ocean Image Bank

The Ocean Agency has released new Creative Communication Toolkits as part of the UN Decade on Ocean, to raise awareness on the ocean and related ecosystems, namely coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrass.

There are 4 toolkits: Our Incredible Ocean, The Magic of Coral Reefs, The Magic of Mangroves, and The Magic of Seagrass.

The toolkits make it easy for everyone to raise awareness and encourage action to protect the ocean. They are part of the Ocean Agency’s officially endorsed UN Ocean Decade program and comprise a mix of powerful images, facts on each ecosystem, infographics, and powerful quotes.

All images can be found on the Ocean Agency’s Ocean Image Bank and are made available for free in support of ocean science and conservation.

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