Provide input to the CBD work plan on coral bleaching !

The Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) requested ICRI’s input to update their work plan on coral bleaching (see Appendix 1, approximately half way down the page), taking into consideration projected impacts of ocean acidification and the effects of tropical storms and rising sea levels.

We have now received a formal notification from the CBD Secretariat on this matter, requesting the submission of information and suggestions for the development of proposals to update the work plan. The work plan will be updated through an addendum that will address the following:

  • Understanding the vulnerability of corals to multiple stressors;
  • Planning proactively for climate risks and associated secondary effects, applying ecosystem-based adaptation measures;
  • Managing coral reefs as socio-ecological systems undergoing change due in many cases to climate change;
  • Formulating adaptation strategies that aim to enhance the resilience of ecosystems to enable the continued provision of goods and services.

Your contribution may be in the form of relevant scientific or technical information, case studies, tools and guidance, or management plans; as well as specific suggestions.

Please provide any input to [email protected] by 11 January 2014 to allow us to collate input and provide it to the CBD Secretariat by the deadline. Alternatively you can provide your input directly to the CBD Secretariat at [email protected] by 15 January.

Credit: A massive coral colony in Indonesia has undergone bleaching. Ethan Daniels/Marine Photobank

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