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Reef Resilience Network Toolkit

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What is resilience-based management (RBM) and how can you apply RBM principles to your work? Find answers to these questions and more on the Reef Resilience Network Toolkit.

These new webpages demystify RBM providing an overview of RBM and how if differs from other kinds of management; reasons for conducting RBM; recommendations for how to conduct it; and examples of RBM in practice, as well as other integrated management approaches.

These webpages include:

The pages feature case studies, links to additional resources, recommendations from experts and colleagues, and videos of RBM presentations recorded during the 34th ICRI General Meeting held in December 2019 in Townsville, Australia. Network managers, if you have questions, comments, or examples of RBM in practice, please share them on the Network Forum.

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