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Spotlight on a reef restoration project in Palau by the Japanese Ministry of Environment

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A guest article by Tomofumi Nagata from Inc. Found. Okinawa Environment Science Centre (OESC)

Searching for heat-tolerant corals is thought to be one of the key solutions to establishing coral nurseries for reef restoration based on climate change adaptation in tropical island countries. As a technical assistance program for climate change adaptation, we are conducting a “Project on The Technology of Search and Seedling of Heat Tolerant Corals” funded by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan, with a prospect on the UN Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) application by Palau, which is an ICRI member.

We conduct on-site surveys and experiments collaborating mainly with Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC, CEO Dr. Yimnang Golbuu) and other partner organizations in Palau. The project plans are 1) Producing a hot-water hazard map around the islands in the Koror State, 2) Based on the map, collecting native coral colonies that may have heat tolerant traits and producing coral seedlings by sexual propagules, then 3) Conducting genetic analysis and tank experiments with those seedlings to test heat tolerance.

Following the plans above, we take scientific verification of circumstantial evidence that leads to the strategic implementation of community-supported coral restoration. We expect that this project will contribute to Palau’s national targets for climate change adaptation and will support its technological development of coral reef conservation.

To access the latest coral reef restoration guidelines and resources, visit ICRI’s Restoration Hub highlighting the work of the ICRI Ad Hoc Committee on reef restoration.

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