Resolution 2/12 on sustainable coral reefs management (UNEA 2)

A Resolution 2/12 on sustainable coral reefs management (EA/2/12) was adopted at the second session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-2) in May 2016. The resolution, inter alia, calls for initiatives, cooperation and commitments to conserve and sustainably manage coral reefs, including cold-water coral ecosystems and mangroves; recognizes that education, capacity building and knowledge transfer is crucial; and encourages integrated, ecosystem-based and comprehensive approaches including partnerships with industry, as well as establishment of MPAs and other spatial and relevant sectoral approaches to enhance climate change resilience. The resolution further requests UNEP to pursue a number of specific actions, inter alia in relation to awareness raising; knowledge transfer; coral reef climate change resilience; coral reef policy instruments; development and implementation of national or regional measures and action plans; and development of indicators and assessment of coral reef status and trends. The resolution provides direction for coral reef policy and management in the context of the 2030 development agenda, and has implications for UNEP’s coral reef work.

On 28-29 June 2016, a Consultation Meeting on Implementation of the UNEA-2 Resolution on Coral Reefs, hosted by Indonesia in Manado, was organized by UNEP and Indonesia in order to initiate the process of implementation of the resolution and strengthen communication between UNEP and Member States. The objectives of the meeting were therefore to identify opportunities for implementing action as called for in resolution EA/2/12; prioritize follow-up actions by UNEP, including support provided to Member States in implementing the resolution; as well as to identify technical, operational and financial needs in implementation of the resolution. The report of the consultation meeting is available here (chair’s summary).

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