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Assessing the feasibility of alternative livelihood options for communities of the Molinière/Beauséjour Marine Protected Area

CaribbeanBy M. Pena, Marine Mitchell, Stephen Antoine, Finbar Gibbs, Coddinton Jeffrey, Katherine Blackman, Roland Baldeo  |  2013

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Socio-economic monitoring for coastal management in the Caribbean (SocMon Caribbean) is a globally networked, regionally adapted, practical methodology of socio-economic monitoring for coastal management (Bunce et al. 2000, Bunce and Pomeroy 2003). Consultation with representatives of the MPA community associated with the Caribbean Challenge Initiative1 indicated the need for capacity building in socio-economic monitoring for the development of an effective regional system of MPAs. This need for MPA capacity building in socio-economic assessment and monitoring has also been identified in various training needs and capacity assessments (Parsram 2007 and Gombos et al. 2011).