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Socio-economic monitoring assessment of coastal management in the Colihaut, Dublanc and Bioche villages of Dominica

CaribbeanBy Althia St. Louis, Derrick Theophile, Julian Defoe, Rhiannan Price, Rosette Lewis  |  2009

thumbnail of St. Louis et al 2010 Dominica SocMon CTR 26

Coastal management has justifiably become a priority throughout the world. The ecological and economic value of coastlines, reefs, beaches, fisheries, and marine life cannot be underestimated as the steady degradation of natural resources prevails worldwide. To avoid complete loss of such resources, decisions that impact the fragile coastal ecosystem must be carefully determined by the gamut of stakeholders. Sustainable development has delineated guidelines for improved management, but the process to sustainability is thwarted by a lack of information and conflicting stakeholder agendas.


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