SocMon Resource: Monitoring Site Reports

Socio-economic monitoring by National Marine Parks in the Turks and Caicos Islands

CaribbeanBy CERMES  |  2014

thumbnail of WCMNP_TCI SocMon report No4_FINAL_9 May 2014

The West Caicos Marine National Park (WCMNP) occupies an area of 980 acres in West Caicos, from the high water mark at Logwood Point (Cardinal Point) to Yankee Town and north along the high water mark to Logwood Point. The primary uses of the WCMNP are tourism (diving, snorkelling) and ecosystem services. Eighteen dive sites are regularly used by dive companies out of Providenciales. A luxury Ritz Carlton resort, marina and residential community are slated to commence development in 2014. Once this development is operational, additional uses and pressures on the WCMNP will take place.