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SocMonitor Issue 11, January 2013

By M. Pena, P. Edwards  |  2013

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A few things to note. Members of the SocMon family attended the 65th Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI), 5-9 November in Santa Marta, Colombia. There was a dedicated marine protected areas session at the conference in which the preliminary results of four of the Caribbean Challenge SocMon project sites were presented. This was well received.

Throughout the meeting there were other side sessions and working groups that focused on the human dimensions aspect of Caribbean reef and fisheries management including the first ever held Socio-economic Café which aimed to provide GCFI members who had an interest in the socio- economic aspects of aquatic resource management with the oppotunity to gather informally and talk about common interests with folks who work in the field. We also met with colleagues from Brazil, who are very interested in incorporating SocMon methods to gather well needed baseline information on coastal communities. This information could prove very useful as they face challenges with respect to potential impacts to local communities from industrial fishing pressure on key fisheries.