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SocMonitor Issue 20, June 2018

By M. Pena, P. Edwards  |  2018

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Welcome to the June Edition of our newsletter. We are well underway with various activities associated with our 2017 NOAA/NFWF Grant. In this edition, we provide some updates from our regional partners.

We are also hopeful that we will be able to secure additional funding support to expand the work we are doing in our various regions. One key goal that we highlighted as part of our strategic planning document was to improve coordination, and standardization of data sharing across our regions. To this end we must be reminded that part of the requirements associated with the funding we have received is that data be shared and used as part of overall capacity building. Obviously, this does not include data that can be used to identify persons or vulnerable groups. We however encourage all regional coordinators to work with partners in creating agreements for data storage and sharing. We are being increasingly asked to demonstrate how data are or can be used to influence decision making regarding coastal marine or aquatic resources. It is important that we work together to find ways to show how human dimensions information can be integrated with ecological and fisheries information. We cannot do this if we are afraid of sharing with each other. Exciting work is being done and we look forward to hearing more in the future!