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SocMonitor Issue 8, April 2012

By C. Loper, M. Pena  |  2012

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In March, we embarked upon the preparation of the 2012 Global SocMon Report. This report is intended to synthesize information from the six regions in which SocMon is being implemented. This year, the SocMon report will coincide with a largerreport from the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN).

The proposed process for the report has been shared with the regional coordinators. Key activities for the coming months include: May 2012: development of qualitative reports for regions; June 2012: survey of SocMon trainees and team leaders; and July 2012: collect relevant stories and photos from regions. We hope the schedule will help us move through the process of compiling an excellent report that well represents the work and regions in which SocMon is being used.