SocMon Monitoring Site

Cades Bay Marine Reserve

Caribbean : Antigua and Barbuda
Year completed: 2007

Socio-economic monitoring in Cades Bay Marine Reserve, Antigua and Barbuda.
UNEP-CEP/NOAA SocMon Project



To assess the perceptions of socio-economic impacts of stakeholders activities on the coastal and marine environment within Cades Bay Marine Reserve; To contribute to the development of a management Plan that
ensures that there is equitable distribution of resources to stakeholders of Cades Bay Marine Reserve; To establish social and economic baselines so as to determine levels of changes in social and economic conditions related to the development and operation of Cades Bay Marine Reserve; To assess the different forums/ media used to promote social and
economic development of stakeholders through their participation in
• The creation of a forum for stakeholders to voice concerns
• The formation of different interest groups
• The recognition of traditional rights and privileges