SocMon Monitoring Site

Communities of Woun Kepin Semwei

Pacific Islands : Pohnpei
Year completed: 2018

SEM-Pasifika socioeconomic survey for communities in Woun Kepin Semwei.



To understand the community’s main sources of income and dependence on natural resources for income or sustenance.
To understand how natural resources are being used.
To understand the possible opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and how to realize them?
To understand the perceived health and condition of marine species and their natural habitats.
To understand perceived threats to natural resources.
To understand the human activities that negatively impact the conditions of natural resources.
To understand community perception of climate change and natural disaster impacts on coral reefs.
To explore awareness, understanding, and support of the Nahtik MPA rules, policies, regulations and community action plan
To understand Nahtik MPA purposes and perceived benefits to current and future generations.
To understand the effectiveness of the WKS council, the community-based surveillance and monitoring program, and official Nahtik MPA enforcement.