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Monumento Natural Marino Archipiélago Cayos Cochinos (MNMACC): East End and Chachahuate communities

Central America : Honduras
Year completed: 2007

Strategic guidelines for local development of communities of the Honduras Marine Natural Monument Archipelago, Cayos Cochinos. BSc degree



To analyse current socio-economic conditions of the communities of Chachahuate and East End in the MNMACC through the Sustainabel Livelihoods model; to evaluate community acceptance and pariticipation regarding coastal and marine management activities carried out in the area and main economic activities; to identify and propose alternative local development that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable to improve the living conditions of current residents and for future generations of the archipelago communities; to provide information that allows organisations to integrate conservation of natural resources with a social and cultural component, as the Garifuna community is a national cultural heritage; to know the relationship between the regulatory organisation and communities so as to determine community participation in management activities. Determining which has has been the impact of the implementation of the management plan implemented by the Cayos Cochinos Foundation on the livelihoods of the natural communities of the MNMACC.