SocMon Monitoring Site

Ngardmau State, Palau

Pacific Islands : Palau
Year completed: 2014

Micronesia Challenge Socio-economic Pilot Study, Palau.



The objectives of this study were to: (1) develop research methods to monitor socio-economic indicators in MC/PAN sites of Palau that can be used as a protocol for future MC and PAN socio-economic monitoring (2) conduct a study that includes MC indicators, Palau Indicators, the Ongedechuul System of Conservation Areas (OSCA) Indicators and questions relevant to PICRC research agenda (3) conduct a series of workshops on data collection, entry, analysis, and write up to increase local capacity for socioeconomic research in Palau (4) refine methods used in pilot study and implement in remaining MC and PAN sites in Palau