SocMon Monitoring Site

Ngiwal State

Pacific Islands : Palau
Year completed: 2010

Ngiwal socio-economic assessment (2010) training report



To find out national regulations and rules that are applicable to the State level; To identify location of buffer zone areas; To find out any existing regulations on commercial farming; To identify the area for the State aquaculture; To identify the types of marine life appropriate for aquaculture; To investigate the level of demands for tourism activities(tourist numbers); To identify the type of infrastructure that are needed to support allowable recreational activities; To identify threats and problems caused by soil erosion; To identify activities that cause soil erosion; To identify problems with enforcement; . To gain a better understanding of what would attract tourists; To identify people’s need of the enforcement program; To identify what type of outreach is most appropriate/effective; To examine the willingness of community in participating in aquaculture; To examine the willingness of community in participating in tourism activities; To identify threats to coastal and marine resources; To better understand the means of livelihood of the people of Ngiwal; To better understand the effectiveness of management of resources; To examine ommunity’s knowledge of rules and
regulations of resource management; To examine people’s awareness and impacts of sea level rise; To examine perceived conditions of marine resources