SocMon Monitoring Site

Part of North Male’ Atoll targeted on Male’, Vilingili, Hulhumale’, Bodu Huraa and Himmafushi with a special focus on Banana Reef and Nassimo Thila Protected Dive Sites

South Asia : Maldives
Year completed: 2012

Socio-economic monitoring for coastal managers of South Asia: Field trials and baseline surveys – Nassimo Thila and Banana Reef, North Male’ Atoll, Maldives



Building capacity among key local stakeholders for conducting socioeconomic assessment using the recently developed Socioeconomic
Monitoring or ‘SocMon’ South Asia guidelines
Conducting a survey to collect information in order to develop a profile for two inhabited islands – K. Bodu Huraa and K. Himmafushi; Conducting a perception survey to assess the level of awareness of local people and divers on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) based on two target
sites; Nassimo Thila and Banana Reef, Male’ Atoll, Maldives; and Providing management and sustainable development advice by applying results of the assessments in management decision making processes.