SocMon Monitoring Site

Speyside – Lucy Vale, Main Road and Crapaud Village, Top Hill, the Housing Scheme and the area extending into Blue Waters

Caribbean : Tobago
Year completed: 2005

Investigation of factors that contribute to an environmental eduaction strategy for the stakeholders in the Speyside community, Tobago.
UWI St. Augustine, MSc research – Mannette, K.



To identify the socio-economic characteristics that may influence interactions
with and use of marine resources, and environmental education programmes
by obtaining a socio-economic profile of primary and secondary stakeholders
in the Speyside community; To evaluate the status of environmental education in Speyside by investigating the formal processes; community initiatives; contributions by
NGOs and the identification of issues to be addressed; To obtain the stakeholders’ perspective on the marine environment in Speyside through their interpretation of the term ‘marine environment’ and their views
on the condition, value, the need for protection and various methods of
protection of the reef; To highlight practices amongst stakeholders that affects the marine
environment, by identifying methods of resource use and waste disposal, and
use of environmentally-friendly technology.