SPREP Calls on Pacific Communities to Assist in Tracking Sea Turtles

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) is calling on Pacific communities to assist with ongoing efforts to track over 15,000 sea turtles in the region. Communities are asked to report turtle sightings, along with turtle tracking information to SPREP.

According to SPREP, over 15,000 turtles have had their flippers tagged since the initiative started in the mid-1990’s. Tagging helps estimate turtle populations and gather information on their nesting and foraging habits.

SPREP says that each flipper tag has a one-letter prefix and a series of up to five numbers. This code contains important information about the turtle, such as the date it was tagged, the country from which it was released, the organization or person that tagged it and where it has traveled. Individuals that come across tagged turtles are requested to take note of this information and either report it to their national environment or fisheries office or complete SPREP’s online turtle tracking form.

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