STINAPA Bonaire launches renewed education boxes for Bonaire’s elementary schools

The STINAPA Wild4Life School Program is a nature and environmental education program for all elementary schools on Bonaire with the objective to raise awareness among children and to develop a sense of respect and caring for the natural environment.

The Wild4Life School Program consists of various components, including inside- and outside activities and educational boxes. STINAPA Bonaire is working on renewing these educational boxes. The educational boxes have specific topics related to the nature of Bonaire. Pupils learn about Bonaire’s nature which they interact with on a daily basis. The educational box about birds was already renewed several years ago. STINAPA is happy to announce that two new educational boxes are currently ready to be used; ‘The Coral Reef’ and ‘Donkeys on Bonaire’.

The educational box ‘The Coral Reef’ is intended for the older pupils of Bonaire’s elementary schools. With this educational box, STINAPA wants to raise awareness among schools, children and their parents regarding this magnificent and important ecosystem in order to gain support for the protection of Bonaire’s valuable nature, as this is an important economic source for Bonaire, with thousands of people visiting to enjoy our nature every year.

The educational box ‘Donkeys on Bonaire’ is intended for younger pupils of Bonaire’s elementary schools. Donkeys were introduced to the Antilles in the 17th century by the Spaniards. Donkeys are not endemic to Bonaire and Bonaire is a harsh environment for donkeys. Especially in the dry season there is not enough food for them. Consequently, donkeys have unfortunately also contributed to the decline of the vegetation on Bonaire. By means of this education box, STINAPA and the Donkey Sanctuary want to raise awareness among schools, children and their parents to support a friendly association with animals. For more information:

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