The Coral Restoration Consortium and Reef Restoration

Coral Reef Protection and Restoration Action Group

The Coral Restoration Consortium (CRC) grew out of a distinct need for coral restoration experts to share knowledge with each other to accelerate the learning and success of coral restoration around the world. Threats of climate change to coral reefs are immense, and without some active intervention, reefs are unlikely to survive to the end of the century. 

CRC’s working groups have developed some incredible products. Published in October 2020 is a comprehensive guide to monitoring coral reef restorations. This guide will help any restoration group or government – large or small – decide on a monitoring regimen that fits their budget and capacity. The guide took more than two years to put together – and we are sure this will be a crucial resource to the community as more and more countries engage in coral restoration. Kudos to the CRC Monitoring Working Group!

The Coral Restoration Consortium hosts the only global conference on coral restoration – Reef Futures. The first one was in December 2018 and drew +500 people from +30 countries – and included a Youth Summit and several interactive training opportunities. The next Reef Futures Symposium is planned for December 2021.

The Coral Restoration Consortium’s Leadership Team met in March 2020 and coalesced around the following five-year priorities for action: 

  1. Increase restoration efficiency, focusing on scale and cost-effectiveness of deployment.
  2. Scale-up larval propagation for its effective integration in coral restoration efforts, with an emphasis on recruit health, growth and survival.
  3. Develop guidance that promotes a holistic approach to coral reef ecosystem restoration.
  4. Develop guidance to ensure the restoration of threatened coral species takes place within a comprehensive population genetics management context.
  5. Develop and promote the use of standardized terms and metrics for coral reef restoration.
  6. Develop new and synthesize existing resources to guide and support coral reef restoration practitioners working in diverse geographic locations.

The CRC works on these priorities primarily within its six Working Groups. The CRC is a place for collaboration – and if you are interested in getting involved, you are welcome to join! The CRC is a topic chapter of the International Coral Reef Society

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