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UN adopted Sri Lanka sponsored resolution on World Seagrass Day

Dimitris Poursanidis | Ocean Image Bank

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a Sri Lanka sponsored resolution to declare March 1st as ‘World Seagrass Day’.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted on 23rd May 2022, a Sri Lanka sponsored Resolution A/76/L.56, declaring 1st March as World Seagrass Day. The resolution was adopted by consensus and co-sponsored by 24 countries.

The Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN, Ambassador Mohan Pieris, emphasised the importance of seagrasses as carbon sinks, and the wide range of ecosystem services they provide.

The full adoption of the resolution can be viewed below:

Seagrasses are one of the ecosystems related to coral reefs that ICRI strives to protect, along with mangroves, peatlands, and wetlands.

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