UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

10 years to restore the planet – an opportunity to make corals count

September saw the reveal of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration’s strategy and visual identity. The strategy is based on a uniquely wide and inclusive process, informed by more than 2,000 comments submitted by Member States, scientists, conservation groups, youths, indigenous peoples and many other entities.

The UN Decade’s approach to implementation follows this inclusive vision: Restoring hundreds of millions of hectares across ecosystems – from forests to farmlands, from ridges to reefs – cannot be achieved by any one entity alone.

The UN Decade invites all organizations and individuals to contribute to its goals. In contrast to the land-based sector, there are no overarching spatial targets for marine restoration yet – an opportunity for the community to make its voice heard.

Following the strategy reveal in September, hundreds of organizations offered their support and partnership to the UN Decade – many of them engaged in coastal and marine restoration. To show their support to the cause, the UN Decade’s team invites all organizations to:

  • Dive into the UN Decade’s strategy and identify areas for support and collaboration
  • Make use of the UN Decade’s visual identity – as part of publications, at restoration sites, on communication materials
  • Share the UN Decade’s message in person and on social media
    • See an example of a social media card below – supporters of the UN Decade are invited to add their own logo when they choose to share it
  • Use the UN Decade’s official hashtag – #GenerationRestoration – ensuring that related posts appear automatically on the UN Decade website’s social media wall
  • Communication resources and guidance on their use are available here: https://www.decadeonrestoration.org/resources

ICRI is a Supporting Partner of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

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