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Katerina Katopis
Katerina Katopis

World Wetlands Day 2021 will take place on 2nd February under the theme “Wetlands and Water”.

Materials and information to support outreach activities for World Wetlands Day 2021 are now available to download online from the materials section of the website.

Information materials to download include;

  • A Poster
  • 3 Digital cards
  • A Factsheet
  • A PowerPoint presentation

Also available are a Memory Game for Children, a T-shirt design and logos as well as InDesign files to facilitate translation into other languages.

Event organisers are encouraged to upload their events on the global map available here.

The Danone Group has financially supported the production of materials for World Wetlands Day. The 2021 edition includes key partners UN Water, the Norwegian Environment Agency and IUCN.

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