All the reports of Coral Reef InitiativeS for the Pacific (CRISP) are now available on the Institute for Pacific Coral Reefs (IRCP) website

From 2002 to 2011, the Coral Reef InitiativeS for the Pacific (CRISP) project aimed to develop a vision for the future of coral reefs and the communities that depend on them and to introduce strategies and projects to conserve their biodiversity, while developing the economic and environmental services that they provide both locally and globally. Also, it was designed as a factor for integration between developed countries (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA), French overseas territories and Pacific Island developing countries.

The CRISP Programme comprised three major components, which were:

Component 1A: Integrated Coastal Management and watershed management

  • 1A1: Marine biodiversity conservation planning
  • 1A2: Marine Protected Areas
  • 1A3: Institutional strengthening and networking
  • 1A4: Integrated coastal reef zone and watershed management

Component 2: Development of Coral Ecosystems

  • 2A: Reef rehabilitation
  • 2B: Reef rehabilitation
  • 2C: Bioprospection and marine active substances
  • 2D: Development of regional data base (ReefBase Pacific)

Component 3: Programme Coordination and Development

  • 3A: Institutional strengthening, technnical support and extension
  • 3B: Coordination, promotion and development of CRISP Programme

More than 1000 documents are available to public, researchers, scientists, students and decision makers at local, regional and global levels. The important information from the CRISP database is now available at in an easily accessible and searchable system.

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