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Natalie Lobartolo, Master Reef Guide

Case study highlights Great Barrier Reef’s Master Reef Guides Programme

Natalie Lobartolo, Master Reef Guide

The Master Reef Guides Programme, Great Barrier Reef, has been highlighted in a case study published by the Commonwealth Secretariat. The programme, which was launched in 2019, builds the capacity of tourism staff working on the Great Barrier Reef and provides an appealing industry- and government-recognised qualification.

Master Reef Guides are ambassadors for the Reef. They provide accurate and up-to-date information, share stories about the World Heritage Area, and teach visitors what they can do to make a difference. Master Reef Guides pass through a comprehensive selection and training process. The Master Reef Guide programme is delivered by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators and Tourism and Events Queensland and is the first of its kind for the Reef.

“Coral reef tourism contributes $36 billion to the global tourism industry annually. Irresponsible reef tourism can put great pressure on coral health. However, responsible and informed operators can help educate and inform tourists, providing a more impactful, value-added experience with increased awareness.

This case study describes one programme that is demonstrating success in contributing to the management and conservation objectives of the Great Barrier Reef, and that could be of interest for application in other regions”.

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